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Introducing the Students’ Reading Room

The Students’ Reading Room is an online facility created by the students for the students with an intention to serve you, a prospective Translation Studies scholar, as a study guide in finding your way in this relatively new, eclectic, dynamic and hence an exciting field. You will find here:

As far as possible, texts will be provided both in English and in Polish.

All text analyses are the outcome of our own reading and sharp critical thinking. We are not necessarily influenced by editor’s blurbs or ‘big names’ and our database is not hierarchical. Only articles and books that are truly inspirational and helpful to us score high in our books.

We hope that you will be a frequent guest in our Reading Room.

Those who would be willing to add a new item to our Reading Room are kindly asked to contact us at:


Read, enjoy and be inspired!

The authors with Professor Piotrowska

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